Web Site Solutions

My name is Cathy and I love being creative and organized. Web site design provides me with the perfect way to indulge in these obsessions. As a designer, my goal is to provide useful information in an organized, clear and concise manner, while always striving for intuitive navigation and visual appeal. I am very responsive as I do not take on more than can comfortably be done at one time and my foremost goal is to do a great job.

Ways I can help you

  • Word Press - Content Management Systems -  Most of what I do these days is using Word Press.  I like the large library of plug-ins and WP's easy-to-use editor that enables clients to update content without html experience.
  • In 2011, I became a Partner with Adobe's Business Catalyst (BC). BC is a feature-rich platform incorporating Adobe's expertise and reliability. Hosting starts at $9.99 per month and many features are available at this price, including an easy-to-use editor that is much like that of Word Press or Joomla.  The main selling points for BC  was the flexibility that I would still have as a web designer. Although I really like Word Press and other CMS', getting the exact look and feel that you want can be difficult with those platforms.
  • I can also setup (or clean-up) sites using your current host using traditional HTML/CSS.   I have finally made a friend out of Photoshop and can create the visual elements of the design out of ideas - yours or mine.

So whether you want a Business Catalyst solution or a CMS or a traditional web site, you might consider Page Right Designs.